. What is my website address?

. You website address would be www.order-me.co.uk/YourName

. Can I have my own web address?

. Yes, you can have your direct website address www.YourName.co.uk for 19.99 per year.

. I just created new account, how long does it take my website be ready to use?

. As soon as you create your account, your website is ready. The only thing you need is to enter your menu.

. How can I enter the menu to my website?

. Login to your account and in control panel click on "Edit Your Website"

. How can I advertise my website?

. We provide a FREE QR Code for your leaflet. All people with smart phone can scan it and go directly to your website.

. I have some offers and meal deals in my menu, how can I enter my offers and meal deals?

. You have to post one of your leaflets to us and we will setup a page for your offers and deals. You can find our address in Contact us page

. How much does it cost to setup offers and meal deal page?

. It is FREE of charge.

. How can I change my menu prices?

. You are able to edit everything online. Login to your account and in control panel click on "Edit Your Website".

. Can my customers pay by Credit or Debit Cards?

. Yes, Your customers can make online payment, but they will be charged for 0.50

. How can I get the online payments?

. All online payments goes directly into your account

. How can I active the online payment system on my website?

. We need some information to setup you online payment system. After that we will activate it.

. How much does it cost to setup online payment?

. It is FREE of charge.

. I would like to have a special web design for my website, Can you do it?

. Yes, We design an elegance website with your requirement for only  99.99

. How long is the minimum contract length?

. There is no minimum contract length and you can leave our service at any time

. If I leave, do I have to pay any cancellation fee?

. No, There is no cancellation fee


. Are people able to place their orders with mobile phones?

. Yes, our website is compatible

. Do you come to our shop to install the system?

. Yes, We can arrange a technician to come and setup your system and it is FREE of charge for the first time.

. What kind of payment method do you use?

. We use PayPal as a payment method because it is popular.

. Do I need to have a web hosting for my website?

. No, Your website will be on our hosting. You will not charge for that.  Our price includes hosting cost.

. Can I swap the package I already signed up?

. Yes, you can swap packages at any time with no cost