Have your own website for your takeaway!
VERY SIMPLE, in 4 easy steps.
. Click on Create New Account button at the top menu
Choose and address: www.order-me.co.uk/YourName
Create a free account
. YOUR WEBSITE IS LIVE, just enter your menu
What is FREE!
. No Commission
. No hidden charges
. Free template (Click here to see our templates)
Do you have computer and internet line at your shop?
. Download and  install our software on your computer
. New orders will show and print automatically
. You don't need to touch anything
Don't worry if you don't have computer at your shop!
. New orders will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS
SMS will send to the mobile number you registered with
Try our SMS ordering system >> Demo
How can you start?
. Create New Account
. Post one of your leaflets to us.
. Go to Price page and sign up for a Package.
If you would like to leave us:
. Simply stop your payment to cancel our service
. There is no cancellation fee
. You can back to us at any time